2013-17 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amstedam (Bachelor of Fine Arts and Design)
2012-13 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (Orientation Year)
2010-12 Fashion And Trade School Of Crafts, Budapest (Fashion And Textile)


2017 Art Of Neuroscience, "Mindless Process", Staff Pick (Amsterdam)
2017 GRA Awards, "What The Hair Are We Doing?", Short List (Amsterdam)
2011 Art Analysis Competition, Ludwig Museum, Winner (Budapest)


2019 “Beauty Lunch”, Buro Imaginaire, Bank, Hungary
2019 “Dissolve In Space”, Group show “Absurd Beings on Skin”, Amsterdam, NL
2019 “The Eating Of Humans”, Neo Futurist dinner, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL
2018 “Echo Of Existence”, Residency at ateliers’89, Oranjestadt, Aruba
2018 “Echo of Naarden Vesting”, Group show “The Space Makers”, Galerie Pouloeuff, Naarden NL
2018 "Malleable", Designkwartier, The Hague
2018 "The Set Of Matter Varies", OBJECT Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2018 The Embodied Sacred, Group show, Worm S/ash Gallery, Rotterdam
2018 Sketched And Staged, Group show, Room2.07, Amsterdam
2017 “What The Hair Are We Doing?”, Selected, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam
2017 Thesis Salon: CRYPT FEELING, Boekmanstichting, Amsterdam
2017 “Higher”, Group show, StudioLO, Berlin
2017 “This Is Not A VARDERA”, OBJECT Rotterdam, Rotterdam
2017 “The Leftover Of The Shame I Felt At Age Of 26”, Absurd Beings, Amsterdam
2016 “Paper Echo”, Speeltuin, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam
2016 “3% Left”, Uncut, Vlaam Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
2015 What Design Can Do, Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam

"What is the value of writing a thesis in an art school? Should it try to tango its way into the academic arena to achieve a certain known status, or should it aspire to take a detour off the beaten track? Or should it explore a unique style of its own? Something that reflects the same lust for energy, eagerness and experimentation that is so characteristic of studying at the Rietveld Academy. Something like designLAB graduate Krisztina Czika did with her thesis.

What the hair are we doing? takes the reader on a peculiar exploration that goes from the Ikea's mug Vardera, Rebecca Horn's cutting performance, to Delilah's betrayal and Britney Spears' meltdown. An unwinding journey about how human hair can be an antennae or even a cosmic delusion that at the same time unfolds as a (critical) reflection about the sometimes almost hilariously desperate search of the contemporary design practice for guilt-free materials.

Take a sip of your milky coffee--or do you prefer black?--shift your focus and, why not, gently stroke your lover's hair while reading this selective history and contemplation about human hair." - Xandra de Jongh

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"Selected" Group Exhibition, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam, NL
Photographs: Ákos Tar